The V60 Pour Over is possibly the simplest of brewing methods and is great for those who love filter coffee. The V60 is named after the 60 degree angle of the cone shape and often has spiral ridges along its sides which allow air to move up and out as the liquid flows into the cup or pourer.

To brew using a V60 firstly place the V60 over your cup or pourer and put your clean filter paper into the cone. Ideally freshly boiled water should be passed through the filter to eliminate the paper taste. Discard the excess water from the cup or pourer. Next, add around 18g of filter ground coffee into the wet filter paper. Give it a little shake to level out the coffee.We recommend placing your placing your cup / pourer and V60 brewer on scales set to zero so you can brew with the correct amount of water.

Pour 50g of water over the coffee to start brewing. The coffee will start to bubble and release gases. This is the trapped Co2 gas created during the roasting process departing. Take a spoon and stir the coffee to mix the grounds thoroughly with the water.

After about 20 seconds slowly pour another 190g of water over the coffee a little at a time. Pour the water in a circular motion for full sturation. The coffee should brew in approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Total brew time is approximately 2 minutes 30 secs to 3 minutes.

If ordering pre-ground coffee, you will require Filter Grind.