The Turks have always ritualised the drinking of coffee and the original coffee brewer was probably a Turk using something not dissimilar to the 'ibrik' or 'cezve' in use today.

Traditionally, the very finely ground (pulverised) coffee is placed in an 'ibrik' with water and a spoonful of sugar and brought to the boil. The moment it boils, it is taken off the heat, then put back until it has just boiled again, then removed and the process repeated - usually three times. Finally, a few drops of water are added to the pan to make the dregs fall to the bottom.

The coffee should be served very hot and frothy - coffee that does not have foam indicates bad preparation and/or bad quality of beans. Some grounds will settle at the bottom of the cup. As it is completely unfiltered, the resulting coffee is extremely strong and quite different from the coffee drunk in the West. Cardamom can be added to taste.

If ordering pre-ground coffee you will require Turkish Grind.