Moka Pots or Stove Top Espresso Makers are coming back into fashion. They are an Italian invention for brewing coffee and are essentially manual or non-electric espresso brewers.They operate by steam and water being forced , under pressure, through the pot to the coffee grounds and the energy to heat the water is generated by placing the Moka Pot on a stove. These pots are available in different sizes.

The following guide is designed to help you brew the perfect espresso.

Unscrew the lid and base and remove the filter funnel. Fill the base with fresh warm or or hot water to the level of the small valve. to required level. Fill the clean, dry basket to the brim with freshly groubnd coffee.. Gently tap the basket to level out the coffee. Place the basket into the base on top of the pot. make sure the thread is clean and dry and don't tighten too tight. Turn the heat source up to medium / high. It wont take long for the steam produced to force water up through the central spout of the pot.

Take off the heat just as it starts to gurgle and splutter in order to avoid scorching the coffee. Ideally wrap in a cold damp cloth to avoid over-extraction. Serve immediately.

For a 6 cup Moka pot (300ml) you will need around 26g of coffee (2 heaped desert spoonfools per cup). But as these pots are available in smaller sizes typically we suggest you work on a ratio of 1:11 coffee to water.

Brew time will depend on the size of your Moka Pot but essentially it is until it gurgle and splatter !

If ordering pre-ground coffee, we suggest you order Cafetiere (Medium) Grind. Filter Grind can be used but sometimes this can be a little fine. We suggest you experiment to establish which grind best suits your Moka pot and is to your taste.