The Cafetiere/French Press/Plunger method is the traditional French-method and is the preferred brewing method for many coffee enthusiasts. The plunger device consists of a glass cylinder with a metal rod extending through the centre. Protruding from the top end of the rod is a handle and at the bottom end is a filter that fits snugly around the inside of the glass cylinder. It's an easy to use, reliable way of brewing coffee which, when used correctly, produces a cup of coffee with a fuller mouthfeel than a pour over filter.

The following guide is for an 8 cup French Press brewer but as these brewers come in different sizes you will need to adjust your coffee and water amounts accordingly. 

Boil your kettle and warm the cup and pot with hot water. Weigh out 60g of Medium ground coffee. Discard the water and place the coffee in the pot. Place your French Press on the scales and set to zero so that you can brew with the correct amount of water. Set your timer going and pour in 150g of water onto the coffee in a circular motion covering the coffee evenly.

After 1 minute swirl the coffee and fill the container. Place the plunger loosely on top of the pot to keep the heat in during the brew process. After approximatly 4 minutes push the plunger down slowly, seperating the grounds from the liquid. You can plunge it down sooner but ensure that the brew time is a minimum of 3 minutes. Serve.

Brew time is approximately 4 minutes

If ordering pre-ground coffee, you will require Cafetiere (Medium) Grind.