Which Grind Should I Choose ?

If you would like us to grind your coffee for you, then all you need to do is choose the correct grind depending on how you brew your coffee. 

Below you will find a list of our grinds and the corresponding brewing methods

Beans or Grind Characteristics   Brewing Method
Beans Whole beans   For grinding at home or Bean-To-Cup Machines
Espresso Grind Finely ground, slightly coarser than pouring salt Electric Espresso For Premium Domestic Electric Espresso Machines and Commercial Espresso Machines
Espresso Coarse Grind Texture of caster sugar Electric EspressoMoka PotAeropress For standard home domestic Electric Espresso Machines (under approx £100) Moka Pots/Stove Top Espresso Pots and Aeropress
Filter Grind Texture of granulated sugar V60ChemexElectric Drip FIlter For V60 Pour Over, Chemex, Electric Drip Filter Machines, Clever Dipper
Cafetiere (Medium) Grind Coarser than filter, slightly finer than sea salt Cafetiere For Cafetieres / French Presses
Coarse Grind Texture of sea / rock salt Percolator For old fashioned Jug Percolators
Turkish Grind Very finely ground powder, like flour Ibri For use in an Ibrik
APG Texture between Filter and Cafetiere (Medium)   For Gifts, if you are unsure whether the brewing method is Filter Machine or Cafetiere / French Press