Strong coffee, typically from an electric espresso machine, to which frothy cream or milk is added, topped with a pinch of powdered chocolate. The pale brown colour of the coffee is reminiscent of the robes worn by Capuchin monks, hence the name - cappuccino.

A traditional cappuccino is served in the characteristic white cup, similar to a tea cup, with a capacity of around 150 ml.

The correct proportions are: 1/3 of just made espresso coffee, 2/3 of froth.

The froth is prepared as follows:
Fill a small jug to 1/3 of its capacity with fresh milk. Immerse the frothing arm found on all electric espresso machines to just below the surface of the milk.

Turn on the steam and gradually lower the jug, allowing the milk to froth up while still keeping the froth arm just below the surface.

Add a half of the froth into the espresso coffee. Sprinkle a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder or dark grated chocolate. Add the rest of the froth.

Top off with a dash of cocoa or grated chocolate.

If ordering pre-ground coffee, you will require Espresso Grind.