On receipt of your freshly roasted coffee, we recommend that it is stored in the freezer.  This substantially reduces the staling process.  Staling begins from the point that the bean is roasted, which is why it is so important to us that your coffee is freshly roasted to order on the day that we dispatch it to you.

Your coffee, whether whole beans or ground, can be used directly from the freezer - it does not need de-frosting before use.  Just cut the pack, remove the coffee that you require for use, then roll down the pack as tightly as possible to the remaining coffee so no air is in contact with the surface area of the coffee.  Then simply pop an elastic band around the pack and return it to the freezer.

Freezing your coffee will extend its life and freshness by approximately 2-3 months.

All our packs and labels are freezer proof, so the labels will not rub off.

Keeping your coffee in the fridge will purely make it damp, and will not keep it fresher for longer. Airtight containers are not as effective as freezing your coffee.