The Aeropress is a durable, versitile and easily portable. It's ability to produce consistent, full bodied brews and its lightweight frame makes it the ideal portable brewer.  It's also worth mentioning that the Aeropress allows you to experiment with a coarser grind and shorter brewing time or a finer grind and longer brewing time for a richer, stronger flavour.

The following guide will produce one cup of coffee using 17g of coffee and 250ml of water - 1.15 ratio.

Add a new clean filter paper into the holder and screw onto the main chamber. Place the chamber over a cup and rinse through with hot water to wash it and eliminate the paper taste. Add 17g of ground coffee into the chamber. We recommend placing the Aeropress on scales set to zero so you can brew with the correct volume of water.

Pour 30g of water over the coffee to begin brewing. The coffee will start will start to bubble and release gases. This is the trapped CO2 gas created during the roasting process. Take a spoon and stir the coffee to mix the grounds thoroughly withn the water.

After 30 seconds top up with 250ml of water and immediately insert the rubber / plastic press into the top of the brewing chamber; this creates a vacuum which stops the coffee passing through the filter paper. After 1 minute and 30 seconds slowly press on top of the Aeropress and push the brew into the vessel until all the water has passed through the filter. This should take about 30 seconds.

Brewing time is approximately 2 minutes.

If ordering pre-ground coffee, we suggest you order Coarse Espresso Grind. If you prefer a much stronger richer brew you could try Filter Grind but this will lengthen the extraction time.