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As usually the case the delivery was swift and went smoothly. Frankly, the Venezuelan dark roast is the best coffee I’ve ever used. This company is so good I don’t ever bother to look at offers to go elsewhere (and I get one a day from somewhere or other)
( Written on May 12, 2020 )
Very good. Coffee is great, delivery overnight. Can’t be bettered for speed and quality. Prices fair, too
( Written on May 11, 2020 )
I found the whole experience easy, the coffee was delivered as stated and tastes delicious. I shall be using again !!!
( Written on May 11, 2020 )
Great coffee + Great service = one happy customer
( Written on May 4, 2020 )
Always fast, reliable service, and always great coffee!
( Written on May 4, 2020 )
Well the quality of the product is very high and it arrived on time – no complaints
( Written on May 1, 2020 )
Brilliant company, great product and fast service
( Written on April 29 )
Excellent Product’s, Excellent Service, Highly Recommend
( Written on April 27, 2020 )
Excellent choice of coffee’s, and delivery service, I’ve never had a problem with anything I have ordered.
( Written on April 23, 2020 )
I’m really enjoying coffee from Roast and Post. It’s easy to try a range of beans to help zone in on preferences, they have a very professional approach to roasting and sending and their service is very quick. Truly excellent!!
( Written on April 21, 2020 )
Great choice, very professional, super quick delivery, delicious coffee
( Written on April 16, 2020 )
Very fast response, tried the dark roast pack, so once I’ve tried them all I will definitely be ordering more from them, very pleased with there coffee 😊
( Written on April 13, 2020 )
I always get excellent coffee, and excellent service! Certainly the best coffee ive ever had! Also you get a very fast efficient service, with wonderfully packaged goods. I can wholeheartedly give 100 percent recommendation.
( Written on April 9, 2020 )
Excellent as always. I first started buying their coffee many years ago, when they were a new company. Then had to give them up when we moved to live full time in France. Now we are back, we are delighted to buy their coffee again. Always reliable and prompt. The coffee quality is excellent and good value, particularly if you buy 5 packs of beans at one time. We are currently buying Morning Reviver.
( Written on March 31, 2020 )
Enjoy drinking the coffee and have used Roast and Post for a number of years.
( Written on March 27, 2020 )
Received coffee the day after it was roasted. Superb coffee (Monsoon Malabar Dark and Italian Roasts), very fresh, lovely smell, excellent taste. Light years ahead of supermarket beans in terms of freshness, quality and flavour. Highly recommended company with excellent staff who really know their coffee beans.
( Written on March 16, 2020 )
 For a few years now excellent quality coffee, and service. Simple as that.
(Written on March 8, 2020)
 Quick service and lovely coffee... I’ll order again
(Written on February 27, 2020)
 The service is outstanding, with the coffee arriving in perfect condition and when they say it will. The coffee is always of excellent quality and I have recommended their products to other coffee nuts like me.
(Written on February 23, 2020)
 Brilliant service and support; really good coffee
(Written on February 13, 2020)
 The company does what it says – order on-line, roast and deliver next day
(Written on February 10, 2020)
 As ever, superb coffee, superb customer service
(Written on February 3, 2020)
 Great coffee of consistent standard and quality. Used them for a few years now – buy monthly. Delivers when promised and updates to the hour by courier company. Quality dependable service.
(Written on January 15, 2020)
 fast delivery, lovely coffee beans
(Written on January 15, 2020)
 I have been dealing with them for over ten years and always find their products and service exceptionally high.
(Written on January 5, 2020)
 Always good and quick. I have been using them for years
(Written on December 28, 2019)
 Have been a customer for over a year, very happy with the prompt service and quality and freshness of the roast.
(Written on December 25, 2019)
 Brilliant range of coffees, and stunningly quick delivery. Never been disappointed
(Written on December 22, 2019)
 great coffee sold by great people.
(Written on December 22, 2019)
 Order before 10.00am for roast that day, deliver next day. I have found a bean that I like and I stick to it.
(Written on December 13, 2019)
 I have been using Roast and Post for around 15 years and there’s a good reason for that. Their products are always of the very best standard and value for money; ordering is always quick and easy, and every time the delivery is prompt and well packaged. In that time I’ve had to contact them just once and the problem was dealt with in a friendly and human way with everything being resolved without the slightest difficulty. Highly recommended without hesitation.
(Written on December 4, 2019)
 Beautiful rich coffee, was with me the next day and I can only recommend you give this company a try.
(Written on November 28, 2019)
 The best beans roasted and delivered exactly when they said. I know I don’t have to order way in advance of running out. Trying decaf beans for the first time... very pleasantly surprised. I’m grinding each portion as I use it and it is worth it. Super fresh taste
(Written on November 24, 2019)
 Fantastic coffee and always brilliant service. Would never use any other company
(Written on November 24, 2019)
 Excellent coffee and SO many varieties. Beautifully presented, the well roasted espresso beans glow and shine like brown diamonds. Any queries or requests for advice are responded to at one. Good Company Good Coffee.
(Written on November 4, 2019)
 Very good nice people to deal with very good product
(Written on October 27, 2019)
 Prompt service and excellent quality beans. Peaberry – my favourite! So yummy!
(Written on October 24, 2019)
 First class as always. Top quality beans delivered just in the nick of time!
(Written on October 23, 2019)
 Amazing Organic Coffee and excellent service.
(Written on October 21, 2019)
 Excellent support and advice from day one, thank you.
(Written on October 11, 2019)
 Superb coffee and superb service. Have been a customer for about 5 years. Brilliant
(Written on September 25, 2019)
 A fabulous company to order from – easy site navigation, a great range of coffee beans that always arrive on time. They’re professional and deliver the best customer service. Wouldn’t order coffee from anyone else.
(Written on September 17, 2019)
 Excellent support and advice from day one, thank you.
(Written on October 11, 2019)
 Consistently excellent coffee with a superb service. Thoroughly recommended.
(Written on September 20, 2019)
 Great coffee, freshly roasted, to perfection, delivered very quickly, at a good price, especially with their bulk discount, what more can you ask. Would strongly recommend. (Written on August 29, 2019)
 Fantastic service, and you can tell there is a real pride in the product, the coffee is delicious!
(Written on August 24, 2019)
 Totally excellent company. World’s best coffee and brilliant service. Highly recommended.
(Written on August 23, 2019)
 Excellent coffee and very fresh as it is posted and arrives next day. A good selection of coffees and at a reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
(Written on September 24, 2019)
 Arrived well packaged on time just as promised. Coffee always excellent.
(Written on September 22, 2019)
 Excellent experience as always. (Written on August 15, 2019)
 Best roast for espresso I have found. Good website and always a pleasure to speak to on the phone.
(Written on July 31, 2019)
 Wonderful fresh coffee delivered the day after ordering. My friends and I love this company: well done Tabi!
(Written on February 7, 2019)
 Brilliant and informative website - efficient and prompt service. Oh and the coffee is superb too.
(Written on February 6, 2019)
 Service as it should be. Helpful notes on the various beans and blends available; good coffee; very easily ordered and promptly delivered. Thank you R & P.
(Written on March 6, 2019)
 This is a very professional and customer friendly company. I like their website, it is user friendly and has a wide selection of coffee products (and more). Deliveries are fast with a top quality courier firm. One day to roast and one day to post. It really does work well.
(Written on January 23, 2019)
 Have been using them for years and 100% recommend them!
(Written on January 19, 2019)
 I have been dealing with The Roast & Post Coffee Co. for at least ten years and it is always a pleasure to do business with them.
(Written on January 7, 2019)
 Altogether a good experience. Good products and helpful personnel.
(Written on December 26, 2018)
 The coffee is truly excellent and there is an unusually wide range of African beans: my favourite. Delivery is always very prompt and efficient.
(Written on December 20, 2018)
 Have bought from Roast & Post over a number of years as a small user only and have never been disappointed with the consistency of quality, packaging and service. Although I stick to my favourite coffee, the alternatives available are impressive.
(Written on November 20, 2018)
 I have used these for a while now. They offer a superb service with a great selection of coffees which are all excellently described. Prices are good for such a high quality product. Totally recommended.
(Written on November 17, 2018)
 I’ve been a customer for over ten years now. The coffee is exceptionally good with a great range. Excellent, friendly service too. A fantastic company. I love it.
(Written on October 16, 2018)
 I always buy my Kenya Peaberry coffee from Roast and Post. I am a repeat customer with good reason. The service is excellent, the coffee is superb and reasonably priced and delivery is almost always overnight depending on the time of the order. I can’t fault the service and shall continue to buy my coffee from here.
(Written on October 8, 2018)
 Incredibly helpful considering i was a noobie at buying fresh coffee beans. Fast service and excellent coffee. Wide variety so im sure there is something for every coffee lover.
(Written on June 16, 2019)