This is the most popular of all brewing methods. In this machine a filter (either paper or metal screen) is placed in a (usually) plastic cone-shaped holder and filled with medium to fine ground coffee and hot water drips through. There are two types of drip filters - the automatic and the manual. The major difference being that the automatic heats the mwater for you when the manual does not.

This is a very satisfying way of brewing as it produces a clear, flavoursome cup of coffee with the minimum of oils and sediment but there are two major problems with these makers. The first is that paper filters don't allow any sediment to flow through and they can leave a paper taste on the coffee. It is best, therefore, to use filters made from unbleached paper or using a cold wire filter. The second problem is with automatic machines. These makers will usually have a warmer to keep the coffee from getting cold. If the coffee is left on the warmer for too long it will ruin the coffee and make it taste chemically. The best treatment for this is to turn the maker off right after the coffee is brewed. This will ensure a fine, clean tasting cup.