The Chemex is a timeless and classic method of brewing coffee. This simple , yet effective method usually uses non-porous borosilicate glass that dosent absorb odours and is easy to clean. Brewing time is approximately 4 minutes from the addition of water to the coffee grinds. Different sizes of Chemex are available. The 6 -cup in particular is a popular size for brews between 400m to 1 litre.

Place a paper filter into the top of the Chemex with the 3 point fold lined up with the spout.  Pour freshly boiled water through the filter to eliminate the paper taste. Discard the excess water. Add freshly ground coffee into the filter. We would recommend a Filter Grind for a longer extraction time delivering a rich flavour but if a shorter extraction time is preferred then a coarser grind might suit your palate in which case the Cafetiere (Medium) Grind might be to your taste. We would recommnend around 42g (4 heaped desert spoons) of coffee to 500ml of water. Shake the coffee to level it out.We would suggest placing your Chemex on scales and set to zero so that you can brew with the correct volume of water.

Whilst weighing and adding the coffee, the water will have cooled a little and be at the correct temperature. Slowly pour 150g of water over the coffee to start the brewing process. The coffee will start bubble and release gasses. This is the trapped Co2 created during roasting departing. Take a spoon and stir the coffee to mix the grounds thoroughly with the water. Do not let the coffee dry out. After about 40 seconds pour the remaining water over the coffee 50g at a time in a circular motion over the coffee for full saturation. Wait until a full brew time of approximately 5 minutes. Sworl the coffee and serve.

Total brewing time approximately 5minutes  to 5 minutes 30 secs

If ordering pre-ground coffee, we recommend Filter Grind for a longer extraction time or Cafetiere (Medium) Grind for a shorter extraction time.