Bulletproof Coffee!

Following the many email enquiries we receive requesting information regarding which of our coffees best meets the stringent requirements of the Bulletproof Executive regime, we can offer the following clarification for those customers wishing to follow this particular eating plan:

If you wish to stick as closely as possible to the Bulletproof regime, then our Organic and Fairtrade Colombian coffee is the perfect coffee.  This is a dual certified, 100% top quality arabica coffee, grown at high altitude, and wet processed, from the South American region.  This is listed under our Organic & Fairtrade section, with a DARK ROASTED option available for those customers wishing to brew using an electric espresso machine.

However it is worth noting that processes are slightly different here in the UK than in the States, and 99% of ALL our coffees listed on our site are wet processed as standard, with the exception of only Brazilian and Mocha.  We also only supply the highest quality arabica beans, all grown at high altitude, whether organic or not.

In addition to this we also have, as standard operational procedure, regular lab testing of all our coffees - both as green beans prior to roasting, and as roasted beans - to test for any moulds, toxins, mycotoxins, or residues of any kind, and we can be fully confident in stating that there are never any positive results for such issues.

The fact that all our coffees are also only freshly roasted to each customer's order, and are not sitting around for extended periods of time as roasted beans, also plays a huge part in the extreme freshness and quality of our coffees.

Therefore in theory you really could choose ANY of our coffees for your Bulletproof requirements, if you are looking for a slightly more cost-effective option!