About Us

Welcome to Roast & Post

We are a family run business with a passion for delicious, great tasting coffee. Our aim is to provide the very finest quality coffee, with the widest range which we freshly roast for you and then deliver directly to you the day after we have roasted it so that you receive the finest quality coffee in peak condition. We support this with a friendly, personal service that we believe is second to none.

We select only the finest beans which we source on quality not price but we aim to make our coffee as affordable as we can which is why we offer generous discounts when you buy larger quantities. We have a real passion for the very best in coffee, something that we have in common and share with our regular customers.

Each coffee has its own unique characteristics of flavour and aroma and rather like wine you quickly develop your own personal taste in coffee. We aim to help you in determine the particular characteristics that you like in the descriptions of our coffees and our strength and flavour guides which have for each coffee.

Sourcing The Finest beans and Roasting To Perfection.

Our Master Roaster is undoubtedly the most important part of our business. We are really lucky to have his vast experience and expertise and we believe he is the most experienced and skilled roaster in the U.K. What he doesn’t know about sourcing and roasting coffee beans probably isn’t worth knowing !

From buying the beans ensuring that we have only the finest quality beans, through to tasting each individual coffee to determine its characteristics and how a particular bean is best roasted and the brewing method the coffee is best suited to, the entire end to end process is under his watchful eye and years of experience and expertise.

Our Master Roaster makes regular visits to different countries across the globe, visiting farms and tasting the coffee at source so you can be assured in the knowledge that you are buying only the finest coffee available.

Freshness – Essential For The Finest Coffee

Whilst coffee beans are their raw, green bean format prior to roasting, coffee actually keeps for years. But once roasted, coffee needs to be consumed quickly to prevent it going stale.

That’s why we pride ourselves in offering the very freshest as well as finest coffee.

Your order is freshly roasted, usually the day after we receive your order, and then sent directly to you the very same day that it has been roasted by overnight courier so that you receive it the day after roasring, literally hours after being roasted.  Essentially we are roasting your coffee to order – you can’t get fresher than that !

  • All our coffee is freshly roasted we do not pre-pack or store any coffee.
  • Each pack carries a roasting date.
  • We hand process every part of your order, roasting, weighing, grinding it to your requirements, bagging and sealing your coffee.

We roast Monday to Friday but not at weekends (more details can be found on our Delivery page).

The Best Way To Use Our Service

The original founder of the company who was trained coffee taster, found that roasted and ground coffee keeps perfectly in the freezer. It retains its freshness for over 3 months to such a degree that, when drinking it, one cannot tell the difference between freshly ground coffee and “freshly frozen coffee”. When frozen, even when ground the coffee does not go solid but remains in granule form so it can be used straight from the freezer without any adverse effects. This is because when the coffee is roasted virtually devoid of any moisture.

Our regular customers recognise this and buy out coffee for their freezers. Because of the packing and delivery costs it’s very cost effective to buy in larger quantities (1.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg) at a time and store in the freezer. This makes our coffee good value whilst being the highest quality.