Coffee is rather like wine in that there is a huge variety of different flavours and undertones as well as strengths. Much of your decision will come down to personal taste. Therefore, to assist you we have devised a 'Flavour and Strength Guide' which will help you in your decision making process.

We have allocated a flavour and strength guide to each of our coffees to help you choose and have fun trying different coffees in order to discover which coffees you prefer. You can find these strength and flavour ratings next to each coffee on the product lists.

Flavour Guide
Rating Description
1 Dry & Crisp
2 Dry & Fruity
3 Dry & Full bodied
4 Smooth & Mellow
5 Smooth & Rich
6 Rich & Fruity / Sweet
7 Rich & Nutty
8 Rich & Winey with Chocolate undertones
9 Rich & Full bodied / heavy liquor
10 Strong Italian flavour
Strength Guide
Rating Description
1 Light to Medium Roast
2 Medium Roast
3 Medium to Dark Roast
4 Dark Roast
5 Very Dark Roast

If you are completely new to real, fresh coffee we suggest you start with the following coffees from which you can develop your own personal taste:

Cafetiere/Drip Filter Method


Espresso Method

These are both 'lighter' espressos: