Serves 6

6 large apples or pears 250 g cane sugar
60 walnuts 2 small cups strong coffee
milk or cream butter

Peel the fruits and carefully remove the cores with a core-remover - taking care not to damage the fruit. Mix 80g of sugar and the walnut pieces and fill with them the space once occupied by the cores. Butter a baking pan and put inside the apples or pears - upright - quite tightly packed. Meanwhile, make a syrup, heating - for some minutes in a saucepan - 100g of sugar and coffee until they are well amalgamated. Cover the apples or pears with this syrup, then put it in the oven. Once in a while collect the juice formed at the bottom of the pan, and pour it again on top. When the fruits are almost baked, sprinkle with the sugar left and flame to caramelise it.