200°C, 400°F, Gas Mark 6
Prep: 15 min, Cook: 25 min
Serves 12


140g fresh or frozen cranberries, thawed 200g sugar, divided
1 tspn orange rind, grated 190g all purpose flour
2 tspn baking powder ½ tspn salt
1 egg 4 tspn orange juice
4 tbspn skimmed milk 3 tbspn margarine, softened
4 tbspn chopped pecans

Arrange cranberries in a greased 20 cm (8in) square baking tin; sprinkle with 100g sugar and the orange rind. Mix remaining ingredients until just moistened in a medium bowl; drop by spoonfuls onto cranberries, spreading batter evenly to sides of pan. Bake coffee cake in a preheated oven until wooden pick inserted in centre comes out clean - 25-30 minutes. Immediately invert coffeecake onto serving plate. Serve warm.