Makes 8 servings


3 oz chopped Almond Roca or Health Bar 2 tblspns amaretto (optional)
2 oz toasted almonds, chopped 1 chocolate pie crust (purchased or homemade)
1 quart vanilla ice cream, slightly softened 1 jar hot fudge topping
4 fl oz coffee liqueur

Combine Almond Roca and almonds; set aside. In a large bowl, working quickly, stir liqueur and amaretto into ice cream. Spoon half the ice cream mixture into prepared crust. Pour caramel topping over ice cream, sprinkle with half the toffee/nut mixture. Top with remaining ice cream; smooth. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Spoon hot fudge topping over and sprinkle with remaining toffee/nut mixture. Slice into serving pieces and serve immediatel