Coffee Questions

What grind do I need?

This is a frequent question particularly if you are fairly new to real coffee. When you place an order you will need to specify which grind you would like or whether you would like just beans. A help box is available at this point which lets you know which grind you will need depending on how you will be brewing your coffee. Click here for more information.

What size are the bags and how does this relate to the size in supermarkets?

Our standard bag size is 500g (or just over 1.1 lbs). This is considerably larger than the normal supermarket size which is usually 227g, making our packs well over twice the size.

How is your coffee different to coffee sold in supermarkets?

Essentially there are two main differences:
Firstly, we use only high quality arabica beans. The beans we use are more expensive but provide a superior taste to most coffees you will be able to buy at the supermarket.
Secondly, and very importantly, our coffee is freshly roasted, and freshness is key to a superior tasting coffee. Coffee sold in supermarkets and most retail outlets is pre-packed and although it may have a 'best before date' it does not tell you when the coffee was roasted. Often it has sat around in a warehouse before being shipped through a fairly lengthy supply chain process before it arrives on the shelf to be eventually picked off the shelf by the customer. Our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered directly to your door, so you can't buy fresher coffee.

Do I need a grinder if I buy beans?

Yes you will need a grinder. The advantage of purchasing beans is that they will stay fresher longer than ground coffee. You can purchase a grinder from most electrical outlets but be sure that you buy a good one. The 'coffee-choppers' in cheaper grinders cut the beans up repeatedly, and the friction can often "cook" the coffee whilst grinding it. Our top of the range stainless steel coffee mill uses hardened, tempered conical burr grinders with over twenty settings. These allow the coffee to be ground exactly to the right size of grain for the type of brewing equipment you intend to use. The powerful motor steps down from 10,200rpm to just 800rpm ensuring that the coffee does not burn as it gets ground more finely.

Can I buy green beans from you?
Yes of course. All our coffee is roasted from green beans so we can supply all our Origin Coffees in green bean form. 

What's the best way to store my coffee?

On receipt of your freshly roasted coffee, we recommend that it is stored in the freezer.  This substantially reduces the staling process.  Staling begins from the point that the bean is roasted, which is why it is so important to us that your coffee is freshly roasted to order on the day that we dispatch it to you.

Your coffee, whether whole beans or ground, can be used directly from the freezer - it does not need de-frosting before use.  Just cut the pack, remove the coffee that you require for use, then roll down the pack as tightly as possible to the remaining coffee so no air is in contact with the surface area of the coffee.  Then simply pop an elastic band around the pack and return it to the freezer.

Freezing your coffee will extend its life and freshness by approximately 2-3 months.

All our packs and labels are freezer proof, so the labels will not rub off.

Keeping your coffee in the fridge will purely make it damp, and will not keep it fresher for longer. Airtight containers are not as effective as freezing your coffee.