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Gold Collection Kopi Luwak Gift (125g)

For that extra special luxury Gift, why not give the Gift of the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world!

Packaged in a beautiful black box with gold foil lettering and a magnetic self-closing lid, with rich purple tissue paper.
1 x 125g pack of premium Kopi Luwak. Gift card and Tasting Notes included. FREE Courier Delivery.
For cafetiere and drip filter brewing only. NOTE: If unsure of the recipient's brewing method, choose APG from the drop down grind menu.
(NOT suitable for brewing through an electric espresso machine)
We hold a Certificate of Authenticity certifying our supply as 100% authentic highland arabica Kopi Luwak, from wild / free range Luwaks.  We do not support the supply of Kopi Luwak from caged civit cats.