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Limited Edition Coffee of The Month

A fantastic one-time offer of a truly rare and distinctive Ethiopian coffee! Limited Edition Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 Gedeb.

This naturally sun dried, grade one Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gedeb is roasted to a mid-dark roast. It is extremely unusual for an Ethiopian coffee to be able to take such a dark roast, but this results in the ability to brew the coffee either by filter and cafetiere, but most unusually also through an espresso machine.

There are only 30 sacks of this coffee available to the market...and we have 5 of them! Order Now

Flavoured Coffees - Now £8.95 !

Bring a new dimension to the taste of your coffee with the delicious flavours of our Flavoured Coffees. We roast top quality Central American arabica coffee and enhance it with tantilising flavours.

Chose from 15 different flavours.

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