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Special Trial Pack of New Speciality Coffee

Why not try our latest addition to our premium speciality coffees Colombian Finca Veracruz

Tasting Notes: Through an espresso machine; Beautiful clean grapefruit initially, pineapple and caramalised sugar through the body, with a dark chocolate aftertaste. Through a Filter or Cafetiere; Distinct pineapple initially, becoming grapefruit through the body, and finally with a caramalised sugar aftertaste.

Suitable for Filter / Cafetiere or as an Espresso

Special 200g Trial Pack £13.45

Available until November 12th

Quantity Discounts do not apply to this pack size.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

If you haven't tried these yet you must !

The best in confectionery and an inspired alternative to a square of chocolate. 

Chocolate and Coffee, what a combination.

£3.95 per 125g pack

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Flavoured Coffees - £8.95

Bring a new dimension to the taste of your coffee with the delicious flavours of our Flavoured Coffees. We roast Brazilian 100% quality arabica coffee and enhance it with tantilising flavours. Nearly all of our range is ZERO SUGAR content with just one or two with a very low sugar content at 1g per 100g or less. Great Taste but without the sugar !

Choose from 15 different flavours.

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