We are a family run business with a passion for great tasting coffee. Our aim is to provide the finest quality and widest range of coffees that you can find anywhere, supported by a friendly, personal service that is second to none.

The original founders of The Roast & Post Coffee Co® were in the coffee business for over 150 years and owned coffee trading companies and estates in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Continuing with this fine tradition, we use the knowledge and expertise perfected over three generations, in roasting and blending the finest coffees in the world. We select only the finest coffee beans and we sell only the very best quality coffee available.

Freshness - The Secret of Delicious Tasting Coffee

Whilst in green bean format, coffee keeps for years. Once roasted however, coffee needs to be consumed very quickly to prevent it going stale.

Roasted And Then Delivered Direct To Your Door - You Can't Get Fresher Coffee!

The Roast & Post Coffee Co® offers the freshest, finest coffee direct to you. This is because the day after your order is processed, your coffee is then roasted, ground (if required) and despatched to you, all on the same day. This way you receive your coffee, direct to your door the day after it was roasted, ensuring maximum freshness. Essentially, we are roasting your coffee to order - you can't get fresher than that!

Finest Quality Beans

As well as ensuring maximum freshness, we are also passionate about the quality of the beans used in our coffee. Only the finest quality beans are selected regardless of cost, so that we can feel confident in saying that our coffees are the finest available anywhere.

How Our Service Should Be Used

The original founder of the company (a trained coffee taster), found that roasted and ground coffee keeps perfectly in the freezer. It retains its freshness for over 3 months to such a degree that, when drinking it, one cannot tell the difference between freshly ground coffee and "freshly frozen coffee". When frozen, the coffee does not go solid but remains in granule form so it can be used straight from the freezer without adverse effects.

Our regular customers recognise this and buy our coffee for their freezers. Because of post and packing, it is very cost effective to buy in larger quantities (1.5kg, 2.5kg and 5kg) at a time, and store in the freezer.

This gives you the following benefits:

  • Great tasting coffee always available
  • The freshest coffee you can drink
  • Great prices
  • The ability to store many different types of coffee at once without worrying about it going stale
  • Convenience

Try Our Fine Teas

We have also added an excellent range of fine teas to our product range. We offer teas from around the world which have been carefully selected to suit all tastes.

I hope that you will discover this new way to buy your coffee and tea and enjoy the benefits we seek to provide. Whether you appreciate the freshest, highest quality coffee or the finest teas, we at The Roast & Post Coffee Co® take pride in delivering the best, direct to your door.