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Guatemala Bordillo 225G - NEW

Guatemala Bordillo comes from a farm in the municipality of Chiantla located in south eastern Guatemala, around 50 miles from the border with southern Mexico. Mrs Maria Figueroa de Argueta acquired the land in Chiantla in 1953, and in the same year Typia, Bourbon and Maragogype coffee plants were planted and so cultivation was started. In 1977 her son Erwin Modesto Arguea expanded coffee production by planting over 11.5 hectares with further varieties. Since 2005 the farm has been managed by the third generation of the family, Erwin Humberto Argueta Herrera, who has put a huge focus on quality resulting in changing the farm production processes along with the training of its staff, modernising and improving productivity, as well as a focus on caring for the environment.

In 2012 in response to the rust problem (a leaf fungus) in Guatamala, the farm began to focus on Speciality Coffees and started participating in different coffee competitions promoted by Ancafe. In 2014 the farm were finalists in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence. By 2016, with the plantation showing huge steps forwards and the rust controlled by introducing rust management practises, the farm reached 14th place in the Cup of Excellence and in 2018 achieved 7th place, establishing themselves as a top traditional Arabica producer in Guatemala.

The cherries are harvested at their optimal ripeness and on the same day they are pulped and placed in a fermented tank for 24 hours. After reaching the appropriate fermentation point they are washed with fresh spring water through a 40m long running channel. After washing the coffee they are placed on the patios to dry in the sun for between 3 and 12 days in African beds until they reach 11% humidity, after which they are sent to warehouses for storage rest in parchment. 

This is an excellent Guatemalan coffee. Guatemalan coffees are noted for their floral and citrus aromas and their sweet, fruity and winey or nutty flavours, and this coffee is no exception. The cup profile is Ripe Mango, Red Cherry, and Canned Peaches, with a Floral finish.

Medium-Dark roasted, this coffee can be brewed through Bean-to-Cup Machine,  as an Espresso, or a Filter/Cafetiere. 


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