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Costa Rica Don Claudio - NEW

Coope Agri was founded in November 1962 in San Isidro de Perez Zeledon, and has become a leading company that has driven economic growth in southern Costa Rica. Back in the 1950s and 60s the area of Perez Zeledon had a very poor infastructure, so the commercialisation of coffee production and trading was very difficult and was in the hands of private companies which reduced the producers' participation in the value chain. A group of local people saw that the needs of the coffee producers could lead to the birth of a cooperative organisation, so in 1960 Coopzeledon was born with 391 associates. The then board of directors was led by Claudio Gamboa, and the name of this coffee was given in his honour.

Local projects funded by the cooperative include a medical clinic, community store and the construction of 160 coffee stores over an area of 90 square kilometres. Farmers deliver their coffee to the stores for the collection and transport to the washing station, saving considerable time and expense.

The coffee beans are grown in the area around the Chirripo Mountain, the highest in Costa Rica, in southern Costa Rica about 80kms from San Jose. The coffee is grown between 1300 and 2000 metres above sea level and is fully washed. Smooth and medium bodied, this coffee is Medium-Dark roasted and can be brewed either as a Filter or Cafetiere, or brewed through a Bean-to-Cup machine. It can also be brewed as a milder Espresso.  With a smooth fruiy acidity, the cup profile is Strawberries with Plum Acidity.


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