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Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee) (125g Pack)

The rarest of all coffees!  Only about 500Kg are collected each year, making this the world's most expensive coffee. 

We hold a Certificate of Authenticity certifying our supply as 100% authentic highland arabica Kopi Luwak, from wild / free range Luwaks.  We do not support the supply of Kopi Luwak from caged civit cats.

In the forests of Vietnam lives the Luwak or the palm civet cat.  Being partial to the ripe coffee cherries that fall from the trees, it adds them to its diet.  The undigested coffee seeds are then collected by the natives before being cleaned and prepared for shipment.  As the wild Luwaks are free to roam, they are able to select the best quality, ripest coffee cherries to eat, leaving the vast majority of inferior cherries uneaten. This is certainly a major factor in the final quality of the Kopi Luwak coffee produced.

This is an extremely rare coffee, having an intense but delicate flavour with heavy aftertaste.  This is due to the partial fermentation during its course through the civet cat.

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125g Pack

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