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Roast & Post Ricco Di Nocci Blend - NEW

This is a premium all-Arabica espresso blend, perfect for those who like a strong, fuller-flavoured espresso.  Strong enough to hold its flavour through the milk when brewing as a Latte or Cappuccino, but rich and smooth, without any hint of a bitter aftertaste.

Specially selected beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ethiopia have been roasted to create a heavy, smooth and full bodied brew, with rich flavour notes. The rich nutty taste in fact lead to its name, which translates as 'Rich in Nuts'. Medium-Dark roasted, this coffee makes a truly great Espresso, but can also be brewed as a very strong Filter or Cafetiere.

The specially selected beans have been roasted and blended together to deliver a truly satisfying coffee experience. The beans are roasted to create a heavy, full bodied brew with a smooth mouthfeel and rich flavour notes, with a delicious lingering finish. Its cup profile is Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Hazelnuts, with a hint of Red Cherry, and a lingering Peanut Brittle aftertaste.

Medium-Dark roasted, this coffee makes a truly fantastic Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino. It can also be brewed using a Filter or Cafetiere and to make a strong Americano.

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