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Mexican Naturally Water Processed Decaffeinated 150G

This coffee is from the Chiapas region in the south west of Mexico. This light bodied coffee has mild flavour notes with slight acidity and a touch of fruitiness. The aroma is Cocoa and Walnut. On tasting, Green Apple initially with Cocoa notes through the body and a lovely creamy Walnut finish.

The beans are naturally decaffeinated. First a diffusion process is used which allows the gentle displacement of caffeine from green coffee. The Green Beans are soaked in a Green Coffee Extract (GCE), which is pure water saturated with soluble solids from green coffee. With time and temperature, the caffeine migrates out of the green beans into the GCE. This water is filtered, capturing and extracting the caffeine molecules. The flavour and body of the coffee is protected by closely monitoring the solids, caffeine levels, and moisture in the coffee. The process takes approximately 10 hours resulting in green beans that are 99.9% caffeine-free. Once the decaffeinated beans are removed from the GCE, they are then dried, finished, bagged and shipped - ready to be roasted.

Medium-Dark Roasted, this is a fantastic Decaffeinated coffee. Very different from what you would expect. Smooth, creamy and clean.

Brewing ratio: 1:15

20 grams of coffee to 300 millilitres of water. Water temperature 93 degrees. 

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