It's extremely cost effective for regular customers to buy our standard large 500g packs, particularly when the quantity discounts are thrown in as well ! But for new customers who haven't tried us before, and who don't want to buy a 500g pack of coffee, we have now introduced Sample Packs.  These 150g packs are a great way for customers new to Roast & Post Coffee to sample our coffees without having to buy a large 500g pack.

150g will make approximately between 15 and 20 cups of coffee depending on how you brew your coffee and strong you like it ! Plenty of cups to enjoy and to help you decide which you prefer.

You can order as many packs as you like but you will need to order a minmum of 2 x 150g packs (unless you have other items in your basket) in order to make it economic for us to ship it to you. The coffees are delivered in the same way as our main service, freshly roasted and then shipped by overnight courier (note we do not deliver at weekends).

Alternatively, if you haven't tried us before you can order one of our Selection Packs which contain 6 x 200G packs of coffee from just £39.95 including delivery. See our Coffee Selection Packs section.

For our regular customers, Sample Packs also offer a great opportunity for you to throw in a couple of extra Sample Packs of previously untried coffees!

We are initially offering this new 150g Sample Pack size in our Single Origin range and our Bean-to-Cup Machine / Espresso range. If this proves to be a success, we will then extend it to our other ranges too.

Please note that we are not able to offer our quantity discounts on the Sample Packs, so purchasing these packs will not count towards your quantity discount.


We offer generous discounts if you order 2 or more 500g packs of coffee. This can be a mix of different coffees (excludes Gold Collection coffees).

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Six 200g packs of delicious coffees from around the world. Just £39.95 incl delivery

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36 Delicious Flavours in our Flavoured Coffee Range

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Can't find the coffee you're looking for? Then call or email our office as we are able to supply additional speciality coffees that are not listed on our website.