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Mozambique Chimanimani-225G-NEW


This coffee is grown in the Chimanimani mountain range in south western Mozambique, close to the border with Zimbabwe on an altitude of 700 - 1500 metres above sea level. Now a National Reserve, the Chimanimani Reserve is one of several parts of the country which have been reforested after degradation due to gold mining, forestry exploitation, and devastation from the internal fighting. The Chimanimani Reserve now has 600 farmers producing high quality coffees. The relatively small production makes it a rare coffee, but we have managed to purchase one bag. So it's a case of when it is gone, it's gone!

Agrotur is a Mozambican enterprise led by Francisco Mandlate. Through his background in journalism he gained insights into agricultural practises in Mozambique, Brazil and several other countries, and saw how agriculture can help families thrive and shape their own destinies. Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on the environment, rural development and the well being of families in the buffer area of the Chimanimani National Park, Agrotur's goal is to set an example for young Mozambicans, showcasing how agriculture can contribute to the country's development and lift familes out of extreme poverty and help shape their futures.

There is a real focus on organic methods for fertilisation, using chicken steric, bat guano and rock dust for example; as well as for disease and pest control where an organic compound mixture of piri-piri/tobacco with soap and water and castor/castor leaf syrup is used. The coffee plants are intercropped with other fruit trees and native forest species. They further plan to begin production of honey, due to its infuence on coffee production; and plan further intercropping of vegetables and cereals. The harvesting is meticulous and only the ripest cherries are picked. The cherries are then 'wet processed', which results in a greater clarity of flavours of the bean and a cleaner finish.

The cup profile is nutty, with flavours of Toast, Walnuts, a hint of Lemon, with a lovely smooth finish.

Medium-Dark Roasted, this coffee can be brewed through a Bean-to-Cup machine, as an Espresso, and as a Filter or Cafetiere coffee.

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