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Colombian Granja La Esperanza Honey-NEW

La Esperanza was started by a couple Blanca Liga Correa and Juan Antonio Herrera who were later married and eventually had fourteen children. The couple went to work and live at the Postosi farm and in 1945 Juan Antonio decided to introduce 3 different varieties to the existing Typica and in doing so started a crop of Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon and Caturra which is how Cafe Granja La Esperanza was born. 

Over the years life went on as normal, raising a big family as was the Colombian tradition in those days and growing and processing coffee. The children had to help out on the farm as they grew up and two of the children Rigoberto and Luis showed a special interest in coffee production and processing and would carry the family business forward.

A second farm was eventually acquired 'La Esperanza' and in 2007 Don Rigoberto had the chance to lease and manage a coffee farm in the region of Boquete in Panama called La Carleida and a year later obtained first place in the 'Best Coffee of Panama' organised by The Specialist Coffee Association of Panama. At this point he decided to bring some of the Geisha seeds to Colombia starting a new era in the history of Granja La Esperanza.

La Esperanza farm is located witin the department of Valle del Cauca in the municipality of Trujillo around 300 miles south west of Medellin.The coffee is grown between 1430 and 1760 metres above sea level and covers just over 34 hectares. This coffee is a Caturra variety grown at around 1450 metres above sea level with a constant temperatue of between 20C and 23C with 85% humidty and around over 1500mm of rain per annum, perfect growing conditions.

The coffee is 'honey processed'. This is where the cherries are de-pulped but allowed to dry without washing. Some of the fruit is left on the coffee bean, but not as much as in the natural process. Most of the cherry has been removed but the remaining residue is a golden, sticky mucilage which is reminiscent of honey, hence the name. This gives the coffee a fruitiness and sweetness but not as much as the natural/dry process.

The coffee has a taste profile of Chocolate, Raisins, Plum and Vanilla notes with a citric acidity and a creamy body.

Medium-Dark Roasted this coffee can be brewed through a Bean-to-Cup machine, as an Espresso or can also be brewed as a Filter or Cafetiere coffee. 

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