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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gedeb 250g

Rich & Fruity / Sweet

A fantastic one-time offer of a truly rare and distinctive Ethiopian coffee.

Limited Edition Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 Gedeb
This naturally sun-dried, grade one Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is roasted to a mid-dark roast. It is extremely unusual for an Ethiopian coffee to be able to take such a dark roast, but this results in the ability to brew the coffee either by filter and cafetiere, but most unusually also through an espresso machine.
With a clear, clean and fruity taste, this coffee offers a delicious hint of blueberries and caramel, with a mild milk chocolate back taste. When milk is poured over this coffee, you will believe you are actually eating blueberry pie !
From the smallholder farmers of the town of Gedeb, just over 6 km south of Yirgacheffe town, there are only 30 sacks of this coffee available to the market………. and we have 5 of them !!  
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